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Improve Your Hashtag Game!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Are you getting the most out of the expertise and resources available on LinkedIn?

Start following hashtags that will drive your professional development and increase the value of your LinkedIn feed. Search for and then follow hashtags that are relevant to your industry and your areas of career development. Don't make the mistake of only following people - you will miss out on some fantastic content. Start following hashtags!

I love learning. I make it a conscious choice never to stop learning. I am always evolving my skill set and learning from others. Finding the time to do that can be challenging, but it is a commitment that I have made to myself and my career.

LinkedIn is my go-to for professional resources and information. I appreciate that LinkedIn can be used as a powerful tool to increase my skillset, stay current on industry best practices, and connect with experts in my field of interest. Because my time is an investment that I can't get back, I choose to intentionally invest it in tools that will drive my professional development.

One way that I do that is to use hashtags that will increase the value of my LinkedIn feed. Instead of just following my connections, I follow hashtags that will help me in my professional development roadmap!

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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