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4 Must-Try AI Tools for Executive Assistants: November Edition

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Ready to turbocharge your productivity as an Executive Assistant? Yep, me too! Let's check out some of my favorite AI tools that I'm currently loving. This November 2023 edition highlights three phenomenal picks - DALL-E, SessionLab, and Talk Notes. As a bonus, I am sharing my latest YouTube video, where I give you 5 AI Prompts that Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals can use to build business acumen.

Whether you're an AI newbie or a seasoned techie, buckle up and embrace the future that is revolutionizing the landscape of the administrative industry. Change is good, but transformation? Now that’s truly exciting! From AI-generated illustrative graphics, to strategizing interactive workshops + offsites, to transforming messy thoughts into actionable notes, to prompts to level up your business acumen - I've got you covered.

Recently, in my AI Tools I'm Loving session, I shared these 3 AI tools, and we had an absolute blast. There were A LOT of mindblown emojis and OMG! moments. So let's dive in together and get started.


Session Lab: Effortless AI for Executive Assistants

Session Lab, without a doubt, is a revolutionary tool that has completely transformed the way we plan and strategize interactive sessions, workshops, offsites, and all-day events. This innovative tool provides a platform where you can not only design your sessions but also collaborate with others and share your plans effortlessly. It's an indispensable resource for any Executive Assistant who values efficiency and organization. The days of struggling to manually figure out event timing, coming up with new and innovative workshop ideas, and planning in Excel are finally over. You can bid farewell to the chaos and confusion that once dominated the workshop planning process and embrace the streamlined efficiency and order that Session Lab brings to the table.

  • Pros: Streamlines planning, fosters collaboration, saves a ton of time.

  • Cons: Takes a few minutes to master all the features (not really a con though).

  • Case Use: Imagine planning an offsite that wows your boss without breaking a sweat. That's Session Lab for you.

Dive deeper at Session Lab!


DALL-E: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Let me introduce you to DALL-E, an AI-powered tool that can generate unique images based on text descriptions. With DALL-E, you can easily create illustrative images for your presentations or reports without the need for any graphic design skills. It's like having your own personal illustrator at your fingertips!

But DALL-E isn’t just a standalone product; it’s versatile. For those who love working in ChatGPT, DALL-E brings its magic directly to your conversation through an easy to use plugin. Plus, if you're crafting designs in Canva, DALL-E is there too, as an integrated app, making it easier than ever to spice up your creations with unique, AI-generated images.

DALL-E in ChatGPT: Seamlessly generate images without leaving your chat. It’s like having a creative assistant on standby as you type.

DALL-E in Canva: Elevate your Canva designs. Directly use Dall-E within the app to create images that make your designs stand out.

  • Pros: User-friendly, sparks creativity, supports your visual content.

  • Cons: Might get too addictive as you watch your ideas come to life!

  • Case Use: Need to impress in a presentation or event graphic? Let Dall-E do the heavy lifting.

Take a look at some of the amazing pictures we created with Dall-E. So, we might have been on an animal kick, but don't judge. We were having a blast! 😂

Try it out and experience the magic at DALL-E.


Talk Notes: From Chaos to Clarity

Moving on, we have Talk Notes, an AI tool that turns your messy thoughts into actionable notes that you can actually use. This tool is perfect for anyone who is an external processor, enjoys brain dumping, or in brainstorming sessions where ideas are flying around. With Talk Notes, you can concentrate on expressing your thoughts, while the AI assists you in creating lists, social media posts, emails, and more with a single click. This one had the crowd screaming!

  • Pros: Supercharge your ideas, thoughts, and let AI worry about the structure.

  • Cons: The longer the content the longer it takes to process - but SO worth the wait.

  • Case Use: Capturing rapid-fire ideas in a strategy session? Talk Notes is your new bestie.

Run, don't walk, and check out

Cartoon image of smiling woman with the words "5 ChatGPT Prompts for Assistants"

➕ Bonus Tip: AI Prompts to Elevate Your Business Acumen

Finally, don't forget to check out my latest YouTube video where I share 5 AI Prompts for Assistants. These prompts are designed to help you build your business acumen and stay ahead of the curve.

Ready to Transform Your Career? If you've felt that spark of inspiration, join our membership program where the learning never stops.

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