Melissa P. Peoples

Certified Microsoft Trainer, EA Coach, Force Multiplier


The administrative profession has drastically changed over the last 20+ years of my career.  We play a pivotal role in driving organizational performance and successfully delivering results to achieve our business partner's strategic goals.  Our expertise is an invaluable asset to our executive partners.  In our profession, we are constantly bombarded with information overload, heavy workloads, ever-changing priorities, and constantly changing technology.  Even the most seasoned professional assistant can become overwhelmed by these demands.  However, by our very nature, we are the kind of person who looks at the mounting pressure and determines to conquer it and then uses the lessons learned to sharpen and perfect our craft. We never shy away from a challenge, and we will always find the answer and figure it out.  Then, we look back to smile at the lessons learned, shake off the dust and choose to be empowered to take on the next hurdle without hesitation.


Building dynamic business partnerships is attainable, but it is not always intuitive.  It requires us to be comfortable and confident in our own leadership, finding our voice and confidently being the solution.  As a profession, an open seat at the table is not always a given.  When you establish a robust business partnership not only does your executive business partner expect you to have the confidence to be at the table they expect you to have something to say.  It is up to us to take ownership of our careers and demonstrate why we have earned a place at the table.  Putting a demand to value your professional development is vital to be at the top of our profession.  My goal is to equip you with the tools and technical training that will empower you to build the career of your dreams and reach your full potential as Administrative Professionals. 


Taking our place at the table together, 

Melissa P. Peoples


Melissa Peoples is a Certified Microsoft Trainer with over 25 years of experience supporting C-Suite level executives in companies such as UiPath, National Instruments, Dell, General Motors, The Ohio State University, AllState, and Eli Lily.   


In 2013, Melissa shifted her career focus to training and educating other Administrative Professionals in the art of developing strategic partnerships.  Because she is a passionate advocate for professional assistants and has a strong belief in evangelizing the evolution of the profession, Melissa uses her expertise in tools, technologies, meeting management, virtual collaboration, connecting remote/global teams, and problem-solving, to teach others in her field how to be faster and more productive.  


Along with group training, Melissa provides one-on-one coaching to executive assistants, CEO's, entrepreneurs, and business professionals on how to increase their productivity.   Melissa's goal is to empower and enable Administrative Professionals when they take their seat at the table.  


Melissa along with her husband, Nicholas, live in Georgetown, Texas. They have two grown children, MaKayla and Dwayne.  She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and is a history enthusiast at heart.