1:1 Training


Sometimes we all need 1:1 training to help us see beyond the weeds!  I will help you find your gaps and teach you how to close them. 

Customized training to reflect your own personal goals and career development.  Personalized training provides you (or your team) the opportunity to focus on increasing your productivity in the tools that you use the most. Everything is up for discussion.  From managing your inbox to developing a SharePoint site. I really enjoy seeing the transformation that comes from this kind of focused attention.

Group Training

On-Site Training

Get your whole team on the same page and revolutionize how your organization functions with group training.  I love the energy and enthusiasm that happens when training with other Administrative Professionals who love learning best practices and increasing their skill set.   It is remarkable what teams can do when they are trained in the same tools and with the same level of productivity!   It is empowering and will change how you view your career.  There is nothing like it!

Conference Speaker

Get Equipped

Conferences can be a powerful way to build your network, discover industry trends, and learn new skills. 


Administrative Professional Conference

Practically Perfect PA

e2 Conference

Behind Every Leader

Timeboxing Summit

Dell Admin Symposium

NI Admin Forum

What do you even do? 

The short answer?  I teach you productivity hacks so your work life isn't so sucky.

What People Are Saying

Don, CTO

Melissa knows more about Microsoft products and how to use them to fix pain points and increase productivity than anyone else I have ever worked with.

Stephanie, EA

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me!  I would not have landed my new job without your 1:1 coaching and mentorship!  Thank you!

Mike, CFO

Melissa has a unique ability to see a broken process and know the tools and technology to solve it.

Lanette,  EA

It was great meeting you! And your presentation was absolutely career-changing – so insightful and let’s not forget the ah-ha moments.  I am looking forward to connecting with you on social media and learning from your YouTube videos

Sonia, EA

Thank you so much for what you do!  I’ve come across people who hoard information keeping valuable tools to themselves, especially when you’re new on a job it helps to have someone who is free and willing to share useful information – so for that, I thank you endlessly.