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stop calendar chaos

Calendar Tetris is not Strategic Calendar Management 

every calendar needs a makeover ... 

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Presented by Melissa Peoples
Founder & CEO at Admin Gurus

Are you an Executive Assistant who is tired of constantly putting out fires and trying to get a handle on your Executive Business Partner's calendar? Learn how to create a dynamic strategic calendar plan that will allow you to reverse engineer deliverables and establish yourself as a strategic business partner.

If you already love the intricacies of strategic calendar planning, this workshop will serve as a time for you to elevate your skills and take them to the next level. If you're looking for a fresh new way to look at calendar management strategically, simplify how you manage it, and complete a calendar audit, we've got you.

This workshop will help you: 

  • Complete a calendar audit from start to finish

  • Create a calendar that allows you to see the big picture and plan strategically

  • Discover how to identify work that is critical to your organization's success and prioritize it

  • Create a strategic plan based on your EBP's goals and objectives

  • Learn how to reverse engineer deliverables and get ahead of the chaos

  • Build systems that simplify strategic calendar management 

  • Discover how to quantify your work through an effective calendar audit

  • Maximize productivity and optimize mental energy 

  • Use technology effectively to streamline the calendar audit process 

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  • Weekly live training sessions for 12 weeks

  • Guided co-working sessions so you can do the work

  • Micro video trainings to keep you focused and on track

  • Step-by-step e-book to help you along the way

  • Access to the recordings for 90 days

  • Free access to VIP coaching membership for 90 days


Workshop includes + bonus

🎖️VIP Coaching Network.png
  • You want to learn how to complete a calendar audit

  • You constantly are playing the calendar Tetris game

  • You are ready to discover the power of strategic calendar management

  • You get frustrated when you don't know what is coming next

  • You want to learn how to quantify your work

This workshop is for you if...

Upcoming Dates
Join the April 2024 cohort waitlist!

Virtual Live Workshop
Price: $299


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