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5 Steps to Investing In Your Career

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

"If you are truly passionate about your work, everything around you becomes your inspiring coach and a source of discoveries" -Vadim Kotelnikov
The end of the year is rapidly coming to a close, and hopefully, you are thinking about your professional development plan for the upcoming year. I know you are busy scheduling end-of-year conversations, planning strategy sessions, and closing out the year... but this is the time for you to start thinking about what mountains you are going to conquer in your career.

Consider your career path.

What would you like to do next in your career? What actionable steps can you take to get there?

Choose to embrace both your successes and failures.

Starting today, make a decision to learn from them and commit to turning your development opportunities into areas of expertise. What can you take away from these experiences so that you can avoid the pitfalls and repeat the successes?

Get out of your silo!

Meet with other Administrative Professionals and take the time to understand what is happening within our industry, learn about the current trends, how others manage their work, and what new technologies are available to increase your productivity.​

Schedule a professional development 1:1.

Schedule time (ideally away from the office, but definitely away from your computer) with your executive business partner. Take this opportunity to have a candid conversation about your career and partnership. Is there a project that you would like to lead? Would you like to propose a new way of managing tasks or workflow? Is there an area where you believe you can make more efficient but have yet to speak up about it? Take the leap and discuss your career goals and professional development ideas.​

Make time for continued education and training.

It is time well spent when you learn new technology, tools, and processes that will revolutionize your career. Trust me; you do not have time NOT to learn. Staying relevant and current through continued education, training, and benchmarking can be critical to your success. We spend so much of our time managing every last detail for other people that it is vital that we stay on top of the latest tools to help us be highly productive.

Make the time and allow yourself to be at the top of your to-do list... You deserve it!


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