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I hope each of you had a fantastic time at Behind Every Leader in my hometown of Austin, Texas!   My wish is that you walked away empowered to take control of your career and are equipped with the tools you need to create the career of your dreams.  We had the unique opportunity to make lasting connections with each other, watch Nicki Cave and Karla Allen cross items off their goal list, and learn from Mel (Melisa Feister-Fahmi) and Victoria.  Very proud to say that I finally learned to say her name correctly! 

Since Melisa was brave enough to share her goals, I thought I would share mine as well.  Looking forward to seeing your goals and doing whatever I can to help you accomplish them! 

My Goals: 

  1. Reach 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel by June 01, 2019.

  2. Post three guest blogs on my website by May 31, 2019 - Watch out! I may ask a few of you to blog!

  3. Finish planning my 2019 workshops and post on my website by June 10, 2019.

Even though the weather was dreary, each of you made a lasting impression on me and I hope that we will stay connected.  Don't forget to download copies of my presentation below!

Taking our seat at the table together,



Ways we can keep the conversation going.

  • Create goals and share them on LinkedIn

  • Use Behind Every Leader hashtags - #BEL #BELAUS and #BEL2019

  • Join my LinkedIn group for Administrative Professionals

  • Sign up to subscribe to my newsletter, blog, and training updates.

  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn

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