Administrative Professional Conference 2015

This was the first conference that I attended with my "trainer" hat on instead of an Executive Assistant attendee and I loved every minute of it. I had the opportunity see behind the scenes on how the conferences work. I met some very talented and amazing women (like in the photo above) and walked away so excited about our industry! The impact we can have on our organizations and our business partners encourage me to be even more excited to take my career to the next level.

I had so many unexpected opportunities to coach and share tips and tricks that solve technology issues that help assistants be more productive and efficient in their roles. I ended up doing impromptu coaching sessions by the pool to 6 amazing EA's from Nova Scotia, sharing Lync tips standing in line for photos, and fixing master slides for someone while hanging out in the lobby. When Executive Assistants are eager to learn, we know how to utilize our time! It is these moments that my heart skipped a beat and I am reminded how much I love what I do!


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