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we believe in collaboration not competition

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Ebony Belhumeur 

The Assistant List

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Ebony Belhumeur is a career EA, blogger, mom, techie, and founder of The Assistant List.  Ebony created The Assistant’s List to be a home to unapologetically forward-thinking assistants who passionately believe in innovative learning and growth centered development.  She is passionate about educating like-minded Administrative Professionals to expand their mindset and build on top of the core competencies of how our roles are being fundamentally reformulated.

Ebony started her blog as a guide to facilitate professional development and prepare Administrative Professionals for the coming transformation.   She is determined to help our community be equipped with the tools, strategies, and techniques that will raise our industry level and transform us into assistants for the New Era. 

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Debra Coleman

Have a Seat Podcast

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Debra Coleman, is building a community for women to share their career experiences and learn from each other along the way through the power of conversation.  She is a career Administrative Professional, life long learner, EA Advocate, and truly a connector of people and ideas.  As a podcaster, Debra uses her platform, to have engaging conversations with women across all sectors of business.  Because of her warm and engaging communication style, she will be our moderator for the day, and we couldn't be more excited.  She knows exactly how to ask the right questions, is thoughtful in her approach to draw out riveting conversations, and leaves you feeling like you have known each other forever.  We can't wait to introduce you to Debra!  Feel free to send her questions you want her to ask us before our event.


Melissa Mosher

Support Savvy

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Melissa Mosher is a powerhouse EA advocate, community manager, and tech guru.  Her career started out as a receptionist and reached the C-suite.  From startups to massive global corporations, Melissa has found her niche in roles that have centered around driving operations and marketing strategies.  Her personal journey as an EA Advocate has been to focus on connecting and supporting interactive online networks and communities.  She began Support Savvy as an online community to help educate and empower Administrative Professionals to take their career to the next level.


Vanessa Nieman

The Admin Activist

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Vanessa Nieman is a blogger, seasoned Administrative Professional with extensive experience supporting bio-tech, finance, healthcare, higher education, marketing and tech industries.   She has a passion for creating efficiencies using skill, integrity and adaptability to optimize the time and resources.  Vanessa recently started a brand new blog, "The Admin Activist,"  as a platform to advocate for administrative professionals of all levels through the sharing of original, relatable content. Vanessa's mission is to empower and support all who are passionate about the role of the administrative professional.

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Meg Steinschauer

Connected Assistants 

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Meg Steinschauer is an experienced C-Suite Executive Assistant living in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Before her life as an EA, she was an Animal Nutritionist and had roles in Customer Care and Sales Consultancy.   Meg had the opportunity to work for a well-known brand supporting two Executives and decided to take the leap into the Administrative sector.  Fast-forward 10 years and now she is on a mission to help Assistants set themselves and their Executives Business Partners up for success.  Meg started Connected Assistants with the aim of genuinely connecting with kindness and sharing her personal experiences of the EA role. 

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