Business Case Letter

In today's workplace, the role of Administrative Professionals is becoming more important than ever.  Developing strategic partnerships with the executives that they support is critical to success in their career.  Investing in their success and making sure they remain among your organization’s most vital assets is key to their long-term success. Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals are taking on greater responsibility and leadership roles in their companies and must be able to adapt to changes the changing that are happening within the business.  Our goal is to train and equip Administrative Professionals to develop their technical skill set, build stronger working relationships with the executives they support and develop solid business acumen. 


At Melissa Peoples Consulting, we provide continuing education and training through online webinars,  1:1 mentoring, quarterly workshops, and onsite training.  Investing in training will significantly increase their productivity, reduce turnover, upgrade both hard and soft skills, foster enthusiasm, and ensure they are supporting their business partners at an optimal level. 



By sending your admin to one of our training workshops or events,  you can expect them to return with:


  • Increased technical knowledge to manage their work

  • Motivation to develop dynamic business partnerships

  • Empowerment to drive streamlined processes 

  • Ability to build their professional development plan

  • Increased business acumen

  • Confidence to provide better solutions and business decisions

  • Subject matter experts that can return to the office and implement best practices 

What Other Topics Do We Teach? 

  • Creating a Strategic Business Partnerships

  • Tools & Technology Training

  • Business Acumen Development

  • Increasing Leadership Skills

  • Industry Standard Best Practices

  • Meeting Management

  • Tools for Virtual Collaboration

  • Process Improvement

  • Developing Business Culture

  • Personal Career Development